10.10.12 Tecropolis Second Wednesdays at New Earth Music Hall

10.10.12 Tecropolis Second Wednesdays at New Earth Music Hall

Tecropolis is a group of electronic dance music producers and DJs in Athens, Ga dedicated to providing free events that explore the future of EDM for the local community.Feat:

(Atlanta, GA)Organik has been involved with the electronic music scene since ’95 and began his journey into deejaying in ’98. Being the founding member of Ozone Media as well as a part of Playtheavy Kru & Sleuth Empire. Over the years,  he has played shows along side many notable artists such as Feed Me, Zeds Dead, Liquid Stranger, Run DMT, Ed Rush, Optical, Fresh & Vegas (Bad Company UK), B. Rich, Sinthetix, Aquasky, Jackal & Hyde, MRK1, Tech Itch  and Cause 4 Concern just to name a few. Be on the lookout for several originals as well as remixes, bootlegs & collabs under the new moniker Organic Variance; which is the creative entity formed by DJ and producer duo  Organik & Variant. Both having over a decade of experience under their belts; they set out on a goal to perform sets that push the boundaries in every way. Playing a variety of styles of bass music including but never limited to Dubstep, Drumstep and Drum & Bass; they utilize 4 decks, two mixers and effects to keep the energy flowing and create layered sonic soundscapes that have become somewhat of a rarity in recent years.

(Athens, GA)Bass music enthusiast and graphic designer Darcy Reenis has been a mainstay of the regional dance music scene since the mid 90’s. Finding himself at UGA in Athens for his studies, he quickly became acquainted with the players in a burgeoning drum & bass scene. He dove in headfirst, dabbling in various aspects of the dance scene as promoter, graphic designer and founding member of late 90’s/ early 00’s DJ crews Phungus ,Playtheavy Kru and Sleuth Empire. In those capacities he’s had a hand in pushing seminal club events like ‘Amazon’, ‘Format’ and later, the long-running ‘Transit’, as part of Mayhem’s 404audio, playing alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.The rise of Dubstep and related bass scenes have spurred him to immerse himself deeper into the myriad of emerging styles of EDM. Nowadays, feeling less restricted by genres or labels his aim is to push interesting bass music of all tempos. Whether behind the decks, as part of production outfit Organic Variance (helmed by longtime friends Organik & Variant) or by pushing local bass music nights, he’s forging ahead on his search for the perfect bass drop.

(Athens, GA)
My name is Decepticron, and I am not a robot.
I started mashing tunes together in 2009, and ever since then my life has been one big bass-powered ride. I dropped out my last year of college to make music, and after picking up some steady DJ gigs, I quit my day job. Now I’m flat broke, but I’ve got great friends, and I’m in the studio working on my first EP, so I couldn’t be more excited.

(Athens, GA)

Although he started his career spinning progressive house and speed garage in the mid-90’s, Todd Dawson’s focus on trance was fairly solid even before he came across Man With No Name and his Perfecto Fluro epic trance anthems. Back then people called the stuff Goa trance, and it had its own community separate from the more mainstream mega-rave culture of Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, and Tiesto in the US. For those who know him, it makes perfect sense why Todd would be drawn to such a community: the music just fit – hard, fast, loud, dirty, and beautiful. It was everything for which he had been searching. So he jumped in with both feet.

During the last few years of the 90’s and the beginning of the 00’s, Todd performed at psytrance parties whenever he could, but had to make a hard choice between finishing school or taking his DJing career to the next level. So he packed his tables and vinyl away, seemingly for good in late 2001, until fate or happenstance provided him a way back to the decks about 10 years later. While much had changed in the re-energized EDM scene in that time, Todd’s love of beautifully aggressive dance music had not. Instantly drawn to the emerging fusion of psychedelic trance and bass-driven music dubbed psybreaks, Todd seeks to bring the psy sound to new stages and audiences. But sometimes he likes to just throw down with some tear-out breaks and electro house just for fun. Because he can.

(Athens, GA)
Burninating the countryside since 2010, Tyler Glenn, aka Trogdor, comes strong with bass heavy beats that never disappoint the ear. With influences ranging anywhere between dubstep, trap, minimal, or DnB you are sure to never hear the same set twice.
With a decade of experience under his belt, Variant has always managed to stay at
the forefront of what matters most to him: the music. After spending years honing
his craft as a drum & bass DJ and opening for some of the scene’s biggest names
(LTJ Bukem, Evol Intent, Total Science were highlights) he dove headfirst into
music production, applying the same rigorous ethic and keen ear to great effect.

FREE, because we can.


Doors: 9pm